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iPod / Laptop - Large


2 x Turbosound iQ15

2 x Turbosound iQ15B

2 x Stands

1 x XLR Microphone

All required input and power cables


Hire price £150 ex VAT per day

This PA system is perfect for anyone wanting to hold an event for up to 150+ people and is great for the larger sized venues or larger sized garden / house parties. The Turbosound iQ15 has a built in 2500w amplifier and a 15” driver. The Turbosound IQ15B has a built in 3000w amplifier and a 15” driver. With these speakers benefiting from built in amplifiers it means set up and take down time is drastically reduced as well as the footprint you make in the venue.


Setup time is approximately 20 minutes


Don’t forget, if your event needs lighting, to visit our lighting section.

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